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          Reclining Couches

          One of our favorite categories, Reclining Sofas offer all the comfort of our recliners with the capacity and usefulness of our living room sofas.  So whether you have a houseful of guests, or are curling up to a movie with your significant other--don't miss our reclining sofas below.


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          Don't you love when you come home from a busy day at work, and are finally able to relax and let it all hang out? But, do you sometimes feel like your sofa just isn't cutting it? Maybe your dog wants to hop up there with you – now you can't stretch your legs out and get that optimum level of comfort while watching prime-time television.


          Look no further; a reclining sofa is just what the doctor ordered. There’s enough room for two, three, four or more – and plenty of room for our furry friends, too! All while letting you kick back and put your feet up – literally.


          Reclining sofas are one of our favorite categories; the primordial object in your living room, family room, den, or man cave.  Our Reclining Sofas offer all the comfort of a regular couch with the added oomph of true relaxation. Sofa Recliners are super comfy and versatile, and can even double as improvised beds for those over-night guests you didn't expect. The best part? They fold up neatly.


          Reclining sofas vary in style, function and size. We have everything from traditional, contemporary, and transitional models, to added tufting and nailheads, curved or straight arms, and one, two or three cushions. Whether you are more a lever-pull type of person who wants to control the speed of the reclining, or more of a fully automated push-button type – we have just the reclining sofa for you.  With five different brands, 20+ filtering styles and an unfathomable number of customizable options, we're positive you will find the right reclining sofa to suit your specific needs – and your dog's!

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