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        Leather Sofa Recliners

        We don’t know about you, but we like options, especially when it comes to seating. Reclining Leather Sofas allow you to gain independence from your sedentary chair. Check out our selection for traditional and non-traditional reclining sofas; either way, we've got you covered!

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        Reclining leather sofas don’t have to look like recliners. In fact, our selection can fit into just about any style you’re going for. This makes it easy to bring home the-most-comfortable-seating-option-ever (no, not bean-bag chairs...); the reclining function.

        Ancient times have shown that reclining is the best way to do just about anything: checking for cracks in your eyelids, putting your feet up to get blood circulating, relaxing after a stressful day, watching your favorite show – watching your least favorite show, sleeping, eating and… breathing. Trust us, archeological digs have been devoted to finding the sources of reclining sofas. We’ve read about it on the Internet, so we know our stuff.

        Not to mention the extensive usage of one of the first textiles, tried and true leather hides. Hello, people! There’s a reason this stuff has been around since the days of cavemen. It’s really good. But besides that, it’s really comfortable, and pretty much indestructible (don’t go crazy and take a knife to it, as that will destroy it).

        At Savvy Home, we don’t try to sell our customers ‘bonded leather’, that’s not leather. We only use 100% top-grain leather – that’s the best of the best. We know the value of leather as an upholstery textile and are vastly aware of its performance, strengths and… while very limited, it’s weaknesses (knives).  Often, leather furniture makes the cut of what will be saved when moving day comes – you don’t typically see a leather reclining couch on the curb when your neighbor is moving out.

        Check out our selection, it’s always growing as we find more and more furniture we think our customers will like. Everything from traditional to contemporary styles, pillow back or tight back, we’ve got it. We pride ourselves on affordable, modern, luxury furniture.

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