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          Stop putting your feet up on the table! The beauty of the ottoman is that it offers elegant fucntionality while adding a touch of class to any room. Ottomans are also unique furniture pieces that can be used as accent pieces and can really help to tie a room together. With our wide variety of ottoman styles, including leather ottomans, fabric ottomans and other upholstered ottomans, you will be sure to find the perfect ottoman to match your sofa, couch or chair. Keep an eye out for our storage ottomans, which are especially useful for keeping linens and a comforter if you are considering a sleeper sofa.

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          Shopping Tips: Ottomans

          What is an Ottoman? Where does the word even come from? The Internet says it’s an adaptation of furniture that was used in the late Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman was derived from Turkish styles of seating arrangements–later to be reduced in size and placed in the corner of the room. It soon evolved into a cushioned chair without a back to be placed in the middle of the room, and the rest is history.  All we know for sure is that we like ‘em!
          This small, versatile piece of furniture is seen just about everywhere. The myriad functions are almost endless: seat, stool, footrest, step-stool, coffee table, and even, at times – extra storage. Our ottoman selection is mostly made to coordinate with our sofas and chairs – but who says that’s their only purpose? Mix and match if you like.  We have over 150 ottoman styles available to really allow your gung-ho style to shine, along with the whole be-your-own-designer thing we’ve got going.
          Our Ottomans range in style from traditional to transitional to contemporary, with every bit as much detail as all of our other furniture. Be sure to check out the storage ottomans (easily found, they have “storage” in the title)--which are great for spur of the moment visits from your mother, landlord or hot date when you’ve left that favorite self-help book out and about.  You can even fully customize your Ottoman to make it best suit your space and style – check out the design center – or click the ‘Build Your Own’ button from the product page!

          Whatever kind of ottoman you need, Savvy Home Store has you covered. We pride ourselves on carrying a huge variety of furniture pieces, from stylish leather couches and sofas to colorful chairs and love seats, and we have approached our ottoman product line with the same passion for exceptional furniture, and lots of it! No matter what kind of couch, sofa, sectional, chair or love seat you own, we feel confident you will find the perfect ottoman accompaniment, right here at Savvy Home Store. 

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