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      Fabric Furniture

      Fabric upholstered furniture spans the industry for all product categories, including living room furniture, recliners and reclining sofas, sleeper sofas, and more.  Fabric is the most common upholstery choice across each of these categories, and offers terrific value, durability, and breadth of options in terms of style and design.  Savvy Home offers hundreds of fabric choices for each brand--make sure to browse them all in our Design Center by clicking Build Your Own on any product page.

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      The best part of fabric upholstery is the virtually limitless number of possibilities. With our Design Center, customers can visualize the scale of all of our available fabrics, piping options and even change the fabric of added accessories.


      Our Fabric Furniture selection covers all categories and furniture sizes: ottoman to chair to sectional – and everything in between. With well over 300 (and counting) fully customizable pieces, you’re sure to find something that really speaks to you.


      Fabric upholstery allows the end user to have a piece of furniture that adds a certain … je ne sais quoi – but definitely will give you a range of options to suit your individual personality.


      Plus, choosing upholstery for your furniture is, without a doubt, the most fun part of the entire furniture purchasing process. Once you’ve nailed down the style of the piece you’re looking for, the options are endless for upholstery. With the aid of our in-site Design Center, you can choose what qualities of fabric will work best for your specific needs. Whether that’s by durability or textile content (we have cottons, linens, microfibers… the list goes on), you’re sure to find something that will grab your attention.


      Once you have narrowed your selection down – but not quite decided on a single fabric – feel free to order some swatches from us (up to 7), free of charge. This unique offer allows our customers to visualize (outside of their computer screen) how the fabrics will appear in their own spaces. Just like the hardware store will sell you those tiny paint samples for you to paint squares on your walls… except, you know, for free!


      In our fabric upholstery category, we offer over 20 different style filters, and brands ranging from our own Savvy Furniture brand and Lazar Industries, to international greats such as the American Chiropractic Association endorsed Stressless brand and more. We want our customers to like their furniture. We want to provide customer service that surpasses other retail furniture stores. By the end of the process, we are confident you will love your purchase.

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