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Hifi 4-Seat Reclining Home Theater Seating (Straight) by Palliser--Power Upgrade Available

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Product Description and Details

Aside from the cool name, the Hifi 4-Seat Reclining Home Theater Seating (Straight) by Palliser offers slightly sloped track arms, recessed cupholders, and unmatched comfort. Upgrade options include power reclining, added speakers, lighted cupholders and undercarriages, battery packs, and more! The Hifi is offers in a magical selection of top-grain leather or designer upholsteries by Palliser

Model:Hifi Request Swatches
Brand:Palliser FurnitureLearn More
Dimensions:Length: 122"/ Depth: 38"/ Height: 44" See Diagram
Attached Pillow-Back
Frame-10 Years
Expand for More Details Springs--5 years
Cushions--5 years
Reclining Mechanism--7 years
Sleeper Mechanism--2 years
Fabric--1 year

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Product Features

Pocket-Coil Seats:
Made in North America:
I Recline:
Power Recline Option:
Price Match Guarantee:
Customize It!:

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  • Posted on 08/05/2015
    Stanley Kubrick's entire filmography, check. 71" flat-screen, check. Popcorn, check. Jujyfruits, check. Diet Coke, check. Reclining home theater seats, check! Movie night is on steroids with these chairs. Shout out Savvy Home!
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FAQs (6)
What is the upholstery of this 4-seat reclining home theater seating (straight)?
Fabric (Customizable)
What are the Seat Height and Seat Depth?
Seat Height is 20" Seat Depth is 23"
Where can this be shipped?
Anywhere in the USA or Canada (additional charges apply). Contact us for international shipping.
Where was this manufactured?
North America
Are there other pieces in this set?
Yes, other items that can be purchased in this set are the Hifi 3-Seat Leather Reclining Home Theatre Seating, the Hifi 3-Seat Reclining Home Theatre Seating, the Hifi 3-Seat Leather Reclining Home Theatre Seating, the Hifi 4-Seat Leather Reclining Home Theatre Seating with Loveseat, the Hifi 2-Seat Leather Reclining Home Leather, the Hifi 2-Seat reclinign Home Theatre, the Hifi Leather Home Theatre Recliner, the Hifi Home Theatre Recliner and the the Hifi 4-Seat Leather Reclining Home Theatre Seating with Loveseat and the Hifi 4-Seat Reclining Home Theatre Seating.
Are the legs removable?
Yes (Customizable)
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