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Cassidy Comfort Sleeper by American Leather--Generation VII (All Sizes)

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Product Description and Details

The Cassidy Comfort Sleeper by American Leather can match the ambiance of any room. Available in a terrific array of designer upholsteries, the Cassidy can blend with and add to any room of your home. Choose from three mattress options to ensure your guests are as pleased with this purchase as you are.

Size:Multiple Sizes Available
Brand:American Leather Learn More
Loose Pillow-Back
Frame- Lifetime
Expand for More Details Suspension--Lifetime
Cushions--5 years
Sleeper Mechanism--10 years
Upholstery--5 years

More Warranty and Guarantee Information
Mattress Size:



Chair Sleeper (cot)

30” x 80”       

Twin Sleeper

39” x 80”       

Full Sleeper

54” x 80”       

Queen Sleeper

60” x 80”       

Queen Plus Sleeper

66” x 80”       

King Sleeper

76” x 80”       






Sofa Size:



Chair Sleeper (cot)

47”L x 39”D x 37”H

Twin Sleeper

56”L x 39”D x 37”H

Full Sleeper

71”L x 39”D x 37”H

Queen Sleeper

77”L x 39”D x 37”H

Queen Plus Sleeper

83”L x 39”D x 37”H

King Sleeper

93”L x 39”D x 37”H







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Product Features

Price Match Guarantee:
Lifetime Warranty:
Mattress Options:
I'm a Sleeper:
Made in the U.S.A.:

Feedback, FAQs & Returns

Reviews (4)
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  • Cari

    Posted on 06/09/2014

    Was very nervous about delivery to our RV.  But the staff at savvy assured me all would be ok, because they would be able to take it apart.  Think I held my breath for weeks until the piece arrived--but everything went off without a hitch. 

  • Samantha W.

    Posted on 06/04/2014

    Purchased this for the living room of our condo, as we just downsized but still want the ability to house our childrens' families when they come to visit.  We are happy with the product after our daughter and son-in-law raved about the mattress.  Delivery was a breeze because it was all taken care of by Savvy's crew, and I didn't have to lift a finger!  Will definitely be recommending Savvy Home for the American Leather Comfort Sleeper.

  • John T

    Posted on 06/02/2014

    Best sleeper sofa I have ever come across.  We have it in leather, somewhat pricey, but blows every other sleeper bed out of the water.  Previously had a Natuzzi (the Paglia), which worked for everyone but my most common guest (brother) who is 6'4.  The bed on these comfort sleepers is longer than other sofa beds and for my family that makes all the difference.  Very pleased after switching.

FAQs (3)
What is the upholstery of this sleeper)?
Fabric (Customizable)
Where was this manufactured?
US (Dallas, TX)
Are there other pieces in this set?
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