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We are so happy with our new leather furniture from Savvy. It works in our space perfectly and matches everything. Also great for guests because we got a twin sleeper to go with the sofa. These guys really are the sleeper sofa experts too, because it is the best sofa bed mattress I have ever seen. Thanks Savvy!

Matty and Joe

Brooklyn, NC

When Your Furniture Is On Its Last Legs…You Might Need to Upgrade

In today’s world, furniture is an essential part of who we are. The design, age, make-up and feel of our furniture speaks to the owner’s personality, their desires, or perhaps simply, their lack of interest in interior design. A piece of furniture can occupy the same spot in a person’s heart where some might find a car or an expensive electronic: inanimate objects that, nonetheless, feel like part of the family.
Furniture can often remain part of the family for years, even decades.  As the stories will often tell, however, they are subject to significant wear and tear over the years.  In time, this wear reshapes the furniture to the point where it may look nothing like what it was originally supposed to be. The question is, can we rehabilitate the furniture, rather than opening the wallet for an upgrade? In many cases, it is cheaper and more efficient for you to rehab your sofa sibling, but sometimes that doesn’t quite work out.  Here are 5 situations when you might need to upgrade.

….You Might Need to Upgrade


1.   If Your Couch Sags Under the Weight of Its Problems or Overweight Relatives…

It’s a simple truth of life that couches can only take so many hundred-plus pound people plopping down on them before they start to break down. Unless you’re in a family of ballerinas, your couch will eventually start to sag. Unfortunately this is frame damage as opposed to cosmetic, and while you’re trusty old couch has been around for years, there’s no way to cheaply fix framework. You’ll be best served by getting a new one. 

2.   If Your Mattress is Old Enough to Vote…

You should be aware that mattresses have one of the shorter lifespans when it comes to furniture. Sure you can get by on an old, lumpy mattress, if you’re immune to back problems, but you really don’t want to know what is living in there. Bedbugs are an actual thing, and the longer your mattress lives, the more will move in over time. You can extend the lifespan by spraying and scrubbing the mattress down regularly, but eventually these stains and odors will get in too deep, and you’d likely be better served by getting a new mattress. If your mattress is about to reach its legal voting age, the question isn’t whether you need a new one, the question is do you want foam or spring?

3.   If Your Recliner Just Finished Its First Swimming Lesson….

Oh water. Necessary to live and mortal enemy to all things furniture. Flooding is the easiest way to completely ruin furniture beyond repair. Not only will it warp framework, mold, mildew, and bacteria flourish in these conditions. While it is easy to prepare for a flood if you know it’s coming (Hint: Go Higher), you don’t always get that opportunity. The unfortunate truth is, while wood furniture can potentially survive a flood, upholstered furniture, such as your precious recliner, does not play well in the water. Cleaning your upholstered furniture may involve stripping it down to the framework, and, unless the sentimental value is that strong, it’s likely not worth the cost. Plus, you know, power recliners are all the rage today.

4.   If Your Loveseat is Always The One Who Farted….

If you sit down on your loveseat, and all of a sudden it starts to smell and you didn’t rip one, this is a giant red flag. Over time, odors and stains will seep into your furniture, and the fabric definitely does not block all the gas when it heads downward. Regular cleaning, along with seat covers and perhaps even a reupholstery job will delay this, especially if the furniture has detachable cushions, which can more easily be replaced. However, if you’re not diligent in regular cleaning, and the smell gets into the framework, there is really no cost-effective way to solve the problem. At that point, it’s time to say ‘It’s been a good run’ and check out these fancy new loveseats.

5.       If Your Chair Is Commonly Confused for Your Dog’s Favorite Chewtoy…

If water is the bane of furniture’s existence, pets are not far behind. Whether it be chewing, clawing, ripping, peeing or what have you, all pet owners know how easy it is for their four-legged friends to destroy a perfectly good armchair. Again, depending on the style and condition of your furniture, many can be repaired. Cushions are relatively cheap to fix, and seat covers can help as well, but if your cat went ham on your expensive leather sofa, it won’t be cheap to fix. It is essential to be proactive in protecting your furniture from your pets, but if your dog has his heart set on chewing that chair to pieces, it is probably time to buy an awesome new armchair, and a probably few bones for Rover.

Repair or Replace?

The good news is that Savvy furniture is built to last you many years and decades and withstand many of the offenses that life throws in your direction. Further, there are many things you can do, both proactively and after the fact, to extend the lifespan of your furniture and ensure that your pieces remain in good repair. Yet, if your couch happens to meet an early demise, Savvy is here with our bountiful collection, so you can find the perfect new addition to be a part of your family for years to come.