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Just wanted to let you all know how thrilled we are with our new leather sofa and loveseat from Savvy. The Savvy brand is great! The leather is soft ad beautiful, and so far has held up to our family of 6 without a hitch.

Joe and Maria S.

San Diego, CA

Moving Your Couch: 5 Step Guide to Getting Furniture in the House


You’re so excited. That new couch is coming today. The piece that will finally allow you to get rid of the ugly, sagging one you got for free a decade ago.   You see the truck come in, and the new staple of your living room gets offloaded. You start heaving the gigantic sofa through to the living room, but there is one tiny problem. The couch appears way too big to make it through the tiny doorframe. This is an all-too-familiar problem for furniture buyers and home movers today. With a little prior planning, an internet connection, and a tape measure, you can ensure that your couch gets exactly where it needs to be, with little extra effort for you. Here’s how you do it:

1.  Figure Out Where You Want the Couch

You’d be surprised at how many people decide where they want to put their couch, while it is stuck on their front porch. Instead, start by having an idea of exactly where you want it, so you can formulate a solid plan of how to get it there, identifying any potential moving problems before the big day.

2.  Check The Furniture Dimensions

Knowing exactly how big that couch is will be the crucial element of your moving plan. If you’re ordering furniture online, chances are they have the dimensions listed on the page, so be sure to look there first. The Depth and Height dimensions will give you a clear indication of whether or not you should expect any major problems, so be sure to write them down. The Length is also important to make a note of, in case you have to stand up the furniture in order to manipulate the behemoth of a sofa into your house. Further you’ll want to measure from the rear base of the sofa to the back of the seat (see arrow), in order to ensure angling will be effective.

3.  Check Your Door(s) Dimensions

Now that you have your desired location and the dimensions of your furniture, it is time to measure each doorway your future couch will have to go through to reach the location. When you’re measuring, be sure to take the Width and Height of the doorways from the narrowest locations. If the Doorway Width is greater than the Depth or the Height of your furniture, you shouldn’t have much of a problem getting your couch to the desired location. If your doorway is not big enough, then you’ll have check the Height of the doorway versus the height of your furniture. If the doorway is taller, you will likely be able to stand the couch on one end and angle it through. If not, you should either consult with a professional, choose a smaller couch, or start taking a sledgehammer to that doorway (the latter is not recommended).

4.  Discover the Detachables

If you do have to get creative, you’ll want to determine how to make your couch smaller when you’re moving it. Cushions, legs and even seatbacks may all be detachable, and will help make the moving big furniture through tiny doorways a lot easier. At this stage, you should have a solid idea if/where you will have problems moving your furniture, and be able to formulate a plan on how to tackle it.

5.  Plan Your Angle

If you have a problem door, you’ll have to see if it will be possible to angle the furniture through the doorway. This involves standing the couch on one end, and rotating it through the door. This is obviously more time consuming, but it cuts down significantly on the Width needed to get the couch through the door.  Provided your angling measurement from Step 2 doesn’t exceed the width of your doorway, and the couch Length doesn’t exceed the doorway Height, you will be able to move your couch where it needs to go, without too much trouble. Yet, if you’ve gone through all these steps and you can’t find any way to make it work, there is one more alternative you can try.

If You’re Stuck, Ask for Help

The fact is you don’t have to do all of this yourself. Professional movers are very experienced in moving huge furniture through tiny doorways, and if you ordered your furniture from the right place, they’ll have a delivery package add-on that includes moving the piece wherever you desire. Savvy’s Platinum Home Delivery option includes bringing the furniture to your house, putting it in the room of your choice, and cleaning up the mess on the way out, cutting out all your steps except for Step 1. So, you just need to go figure out where you want to put the couch.