How to Create an Inspiring Multi-Use Home Office Space

Whether you are working from home full time, or just need an office as needed, creating an inspiring and productive home office space is a worthwhile investment. We’ve got some tips and advice for how to create a perfect home office that also doubles as a multi-use space.

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The biggest trick here will be in furnishing a space that works best in either application, as you do not want to make compromises in either use.


Define the Purpose

Before maximizing the space to your preference, it is vitally important to define what your preference is when it comes to the space. Define what your room will be used for, both primarily and for special occasions. Will you be working full-time from home, or just need an occasional space for checking emails? Is this a space simply to keep a laptop, or will you be storing lots of home files? Is the guest room a dedicated space, or something you’ll want to have available to convert on an “as needed” basis by adding a sleeper sofa or sleeper chair?

Answering these questions will give you direction in choosing the right furniture to utilize for your home office. This will also ensure you are creating a space that serves you and your needs, and not the other way around.


Invest in a Quality Chair

Perhaps the most used — and arguably most important – piece of furniture in your home office will be your office chair. Provided you will spend hours – perhaps at a time – at your desk, investing in a beautiful, ergonomic, and comfortable chair is not only essential, but worth every dime.

Recliner for Home Office


Many home office photos will feature antique dining room chairs which look great in pictures but offer very little in back support or long-term sitting comfort. Be cautious of copying much of what you may see on Pinterest or in design magazines, as what looks good for the purpose of a photograph may not be as functional as advertised.


Love Your Lighting

If your room has any windows, consider placing your desk close to them to benefit from the advantages of the natural light. There are several benefits to natural lighting, all of which improve health and encourage a happier work environment.  This is better than stuffing your desk into a dark corner, facing the wall.

Lamps will also play an important role in the lighting of the room. Look for a small desk lamp for task lighting and try to find lamps with a nice soft glow.  This beats relying on typical overhead bedroom lighting, which is not usually conducive to work.


Make Use of Bookcases

When an office will double as a living space, certain furniture, such as filing cabinets, will not necessarily be a welcomed sight when sleeping guests. However, bookcases offer an attractive alternative for storage and filing and are both beautiful and fitting as guest room decor.

Try using bins and other stackable organizers on the shelves to keep files and mail organized.  This will also save shelf space for actual books for both office use and for your guests.


Consider a Sleeper Sofa

When choosing furniture that serves several utilities, few things serve two functions as well as a sleeper sofa. The biggest benefit here is that all the furnishings of the guest room bed can be tucked away and hidden when not in use, meaning your home office can maintain its integrity as solely that – until needed.


Look for a couch that matches the décor of the office and offers a comfortable sitting arrangement for you and others. Then, when guests comes to visit, it can be easily converted into a bed, even king-size sofa beds are available.

Choosing the right furniture and features for your home office space will go a long way in making it a comfortable environment for work when used as an office and a cozy living space when needed as a guest room.

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