Pantone’s Living Coral Color of the Year is Perfect for Spring!

Each year, the color experts at Pantone announce a Color of the Year.  The aim is to make predictions about the direction of color palettes across various industries and applications.  The selection also takes note of the state of color culture. This year’s pick, Pantone’s “Living Coral,” is a perfect vehicle for Spring design, and we already have our eyes set on its many applications.


Pantone’s “Living Coral”


About Pantone’s Color of the Year

Pantone’s Color of the Year has been influential in everything from product development and purchasing decisions to packaging and graphic design for over two decades. Multiple industries have been led by the selection each year, including fashion, industrial design, and home furniture.

In order to arrive at a selection each year, Pantone’s color experts combine trend analysis with considerable thought to parse through the entertainment industry, film production, art collections, new trends in design, popular travel destination, and social lifestyles looking for influences. Their aim is to curate into one color all the new technology, materials, textures, and social media and entertainment events that command the attention of a worldwide audience.

The color is ultimately selected by the Pantone Color Institute, which is a special unit dedicated to highlighting top seasonal colors, forecasting global color trends, and advising industries on the best colors for product and brand visual identity. They believe design strategy is about utilizing psychology and emotion in color selection.


About Living Coral

Living Coral is all about authenticity and nourishment. Chosen in reaction to the onslaught of digital technology and increasing ubiquity of social media in our daily lives, Living Coral offers a warm embrace of comfort and optimism. Akin to the shifting, ever-changing environment of the ocean, Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral offers a spirited stability that encourages lighthearted activity, joyful pursuits, and playful expression, while at the same time connecting us to our natural surroundings.

As 2019’s Color of the Year, Living Coral brings a balance of nature, with all its energizing and life-giving color aspects, and technology, with its many digital lenses by which we strive to make real human connections and achieve social intimacy. The year is ripe for finding this balance.  Pantone’s selection encompasses sociological and psychological trends across all areas of entertainment, commerce, and social media.

Loveseat in Pantone’s “Living Coral”

Why It’s Perfect for Spring

Spring is a time of optimism, of life, and hope for tomorrow. Appropriately, spring colors have always evoked vibrancy and new life as it’s found in nature. Living Coral is no different. Blending perfectly with other spring colors, such as robin’s egg blue, seafoam green, and canary yellow, Living Coral breathes refreshing new life into any color palette, especially in your home furnishings.

Departing from the blacks, browns, burgundys, and dark navys that tend to dominate the winter months, Spring tends to lean towards pastels and hues that evoke the blossoms of new life and growth that are found in nature. Psychologically, we associate these colors with nature in an optimistic and refreshing way that leads us to feel happier, which is partly why these colors have such a pleasant connotation. Living Coral sits warmly in those pastel hues of pink and golden undertones and evokes that same sense of nature, life, and comfort.

Pantone’s “Living Coral” Sofa Bed


Achieving a Sense of Balance

Living Coral is a warm color that conjures outward emotions as opposed to the inward emotions brought on by cool colors.  Living Coral’s mellow tone keeps a peaceful restraint and contentment to those feelings. Encouraging connection and intimacy, Living Coral is the color we need right now in our ever-connected, but rapidly changing, digital lives.

Incorporating this color into your home can go a long way in encouraging deeper digital connections and more fulfilling interactions – both with others and with nature. Let Living Coral set the tone in your home décor and bring you at ease with your surroundings. After all, who would want to bring a little more happiness into their home? Whether it’s in a throw pillow, blanket, couch cover, curtains, or background in your social media page, explore Pantone’s choice for 2019’s Color of the Year, and let Living Coral’s effervescent charm draw you in to new color arrangements.

Are you going to find a perfect couch or recliner in Living coral?  We have just what you want and you can design it yourself.

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