5 Ways to Bring More Comfort to Your Lobby or Office Area

Today’s established and sophisticated business leaders understand the importance of having a welcoming, comfortable lobby. What and how you have the lobby set-up often make the first impression for visitors, potential clients and potential employees, so improving your lobby’s appearance and comfort is a chance to jumpstart your reputation. A hospitable lobby speaks for itself and can advertise your business. Here are five tips to help you make your lobby more comfortable.


  1. Select Comfortable Lobby Furniture

When choosing the optimal furniture for a comfortable lobby, keep the following aspects in mind:

  • Comfort. When a lobby area is comfortable and welcoming, your customers won’t mind waiting. If your furniture is uncomfortable, they won’t want to wait at all. Be sure your chairs are as cozy and pleasant as possible. You may also want to consider incorporating a place for guests to put their jackets, and offer end tables, to enhance the convenience and aesthetics of your lobby for customers.
  • Style. The lobby is the first area your visitors see, which means it must reflect the style of your organization. For example, a doctor’s office might use a combination of cool, soothing colors to put visitors at ease, whereas a graphic design company might feature furniture with vivid colors to emphasize stylistic flare. For a traditional yet timeless look, consider a leather loveseat; it offers comfortable booth-style seating and comes in a variety of colors, making it a perfect fit for any room.
  • Functionality. A striking new decorating trend incorporates an array of diverse seating options, including a mix of formal and casual chairs. Besides being trendy, offering several seating options will allow your lobby to accommodate various individuals, regardless of their shape or size. Make sure your lobby has furniture that is welcoming to people of all different body types. In addition, be sure that your furniture does not fill the entire room at the expense of visitors who might need extra space. Leave enough room for individuals using walkers, wheelchairs, and other mobility devices.
  1. Bundle Chairs and Sofas Together

While it may seem standard to have seating set up along one wall, this seating design can make people feel as if they are situated in a lineup. Instead of having visitors sit side by side against the wall, bundle your seating around tables to make your lobby feel like a communal living room. With bundled seating, people will feel encouraged to talk with each other. This arrangement can also help your reception area feel more relaxed and homey for visitors.  This type of arrangement also is more optimal for the comfortable furniture such as sofas, armchairs and loveseats which is highly recommended over the more traditional medical office banks of simple chairs lined up in rows.  Additionally, seating should also provide good visibility to your receptionist so that updates, wait questions and the offer of simple amenities like water, coffee or soda can be communicated easily.  Always think comfort, accessibility and uninterrupted paths for communications.

Comfortable Lobby 4

  1. Pick the Ideal Desk

The reception desk acts as the center of your lobby. Keep the following tips in mind to select the best desk.


  • Make sure the desk is not too high, as this intimidates visitors.
  • Ensure that the desk blends well with your lobby’s existing color combination or overall theme.
  • Selecting a tiered or wide desk helps reduce the appearance of clutter, while providing the receptionist with extra space to multitask.Comfortable Lobby 3
  1. Invest in Professional Cleaning Services

Nobody finds a dirty environment comforting. Unfortunately, lobbies get a lot of foot traffic and tend to become messy in a relatively brief time. Many facility managers opt to hire professional cleaning services to maintain their lobbies on a routine basis. Regularly cleaning your lobby’s carpets and upholstery, and dusting, vacuuming, and mopping will sustain the radiant appearance of the room. It will also help establish a bright, welcoming location to encourage visitors and potential customers to feel at ease.

Comfortable Lobby

  1. Add Special Touches

Truly welcoming lobbies are areas where customers and visitors are comfortable waiting. To make sure your lobby is warm and inviting, consider incorporating the following complementary touches to take the comfort level up a notch.


  • Provide coffee, water and soda. Many offices and facilities offer coffee and water for guests to drink while waiting. Though providing beverages is an expense, your customers will be thankful to have a fresh drink of water or a sip of coffee to give them an energy boost. These amenities are certain to impress all who walk through the door.
  • Offer magazines and newspapers. Many lobbies feature magazines, publications, and fliers for guests to read while they wait. Often, these materials are out-of-date and in poor condition. No one wants to read old news, so make sure your office employees throw away outdated materials and update the stock with new publications. Providing new reading materials will help entertain visitors while they wait.
  • Use plants and flowers. Decorate lobbies with flora to add color and vibrancy to the room. Be sure your employees take care of your lobby plants to keep them healthy and beautiful as long as possible.
  • Artwork. Strengthen the visual appeal of your lobby by adding decorative artwork. Beautiful paintings and sculptures will enhance the sophistication of your reception area and help visitors relax.
  • Create warmth. Cultivate an inviting space for visitors by using earth tones like yellows and deep reds in your lobby’s furniture or walls. These shades foster a sense of comfort and put people at ease. If your lobby has cold tile floors rather than carpeting, you can use a simple stylish rug to help create cozy atmosphere for a more comfortable lobby.

Comfortable Lobby 2

Take a look at your company’s lobby and ask yourself “Is it making the best first impression possible?” and “Would I be comfortable sitting here for up to an hour in the worst-case scenario?”  If the answer to either of those questions is no, then it is time for a redesign and refurnishing project to give your office a more comfortable lobby.

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