Choosing the Best Netflix and Chill Furniture

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Some days simply demand that everything be just right. You can get away with a less-than-stellar Fourth of July, but Valentine’s Day is one day that getting everything just right is of the utmost importance. You work hard to make sure everything is perfect; you get the lighting just right, pick the perfect wine, select the best meal, and agonize over the right movie that’s entertaining but creates the appropriate atmosphere for the evening.  You also need more romantic furniture.


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Then at the perfect moment, you go to slide over a little closer to your date. Unfortunately, your movement causes a spring to punch your date in the back or stirs up a smell in the couch you tried to mask, causing them to wrinkle their nose. Maybe you hit that spot on your couch that always creates an embarrassing noise. So much work to create a perfect evening spoiled in a moment by the wrong piece of furniture.  


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Isn’t it time you made sure that your furniture adds as much to your romantic evening as everything else you work so hard to plan? Here’s a guide to selecting the right piece of furniture for your big moment.


What Characteristics Should You Look for in Romantic Furniture?

Like most things of quality, what’s hidden beneath the surface is often as important as what’s on the outside. A good, sturdy frame will ensure that your furniture provides comfortable support now and for years to come. Next, consider the seating support. One of the best systems involves eight-way hand-tied springs that crisscross back and forth and diagonally as well, providing support that won’t sag.


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The cushion filling is an important factor you’re sure to notice. A high-density foam is a great option that won’t break down quickly. However, for a more luxurious feel, down-filled cushions are among the softest you can buy. Down cushions do require daily attention, however, and naturally cost more.

Color Choices Matter

Even if you have a comfortable, high-quality piece of furniture, the color or pattern might be off-putting for your special evening. It’s hard to be in the mood for romance when your sofa is the color of cat vomit. Color goes a long way in the human mind in setting mood and tone. Consider how carefully politicians work to select just the right color tie before a speech and the effect a gray day has on your mood.

If you’ve got a piece of furniture that you love, but don’t like the look of, a furniture slip can be the perfect way to change the appearance without sacrificing the quality and comfort of the furniture you have now. Furniture covers are fairly inexpensive and easy to slip on over your existing sofa.

While no two people react the same way to color and may even react differently in different situations, consider warm colors to set the theme for romance. It’s no accident that the colors traditionally associated with Valentine’s Day are typically red and pink. Let that be your guide for selecting the best color.

Function Over Form?

While having a couch that looks great is fine, don’t forget the functional details that play a part in selecting the right furniture. Scooting closer on a sectional can turn to unintended physical comedy as you fall in between the seats. Consider maintenance as well. How easy is that sofa to clean and keep looking – and smelling – fresh? Choosing an easy-to-clean fabric for your romantic furniture can help you avoid embarrassing situations where an unwanted odor spoils the moment.


function over form


Fabrics and leather covers that are easy to maintain can also help with prep time. Before your date arrives, you likely have a dozen details running through your mind to make sure the night goes well. Cleaning up your couch can almost be an afterthought. When you do think of it, however, you want a couch that you can easily ready for a night in watching a movie, not one that requires an hour’s worth of work to make presentable. By choosing the right material for your furniture, you can help ensure that it is ready to go at any time.


Wine Is Romantic – Spills Are Not


You’ve probably noticed that most cupholders were not designed with wine glasses in mind. A glass of wine can go a long way toward making the evening memorable, but a spill can burst the moment and create lasting memories of the more unfortunate sort. Consider adding a wine glass holder to make your evening easier and spill-free. The holder also adds a touch of sophistication that your special someone is sure to notice.


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You want your special night to be memorable, but not for a comical disaster. Let the laughs come from choosing a good romantic comedy, as well as romantic furniture–not from an unfortunate incident brought about by the wrong couch.


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