Item of the Week – The Mayfair Recliner and Ottoman by Stressless – Physics is Optional

Gravity is the worst, right? I mean, it’s an important law of physics, but it carries serious downsides. For one, dropping things; that’s never fun. Another is that it pushes us down all the time! The most comfortable resting position is in a zero-G environment. So comfortable, in fact, that if we stayed in zero-G our muscles would eventually atrophy. Doesn’t that sound relaxing?

Luckily for us Earth folks, there are Stressless Reclining Chairs. This week’s Item of the Week, the Mayfair Leather Recliner and Ottoman, uses Stressless’ innovative Plus System™ to recline our tired bones in a gravity-defying level of comfort. You can read about the recliners in more depth here.

The Mayfair wraps this technology up in a beautiful package, and includes a matching ottoman–like a cute little bow on that package. Also available as the Kensington Large, and the Chelsea Small, we offer these excellent chairs in 10 stocked colors, or you could special order one today in any Stressless upholstery. Space Rest just became really, really real.

The Mayfair Recliner and Ottoman by Stressless

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