Item of the Week – Parma Queen Leather Sleeper – Cure for the Common Living Room

It’s cold and flu season folks! And you know what that means… I’m sick.  Thanks to my germaphobe mother, I believe I have the immune system of a space station newborn. I also have a bit of a Howard Hughes, paranoid OCD thing because of it, but that’s for a different Item of the Week.

As much as I want to stay in bed and outsource this to Paraguay (a surprisingly common practice in quasi-humorous furniture blogging), I am moved to, against all odds, write this Item of the Week post myself.  The Parma Queen Leather Sleeper Sofa by Natuzzi Editions, also known as the B580, is my own personal sofa.  It’s our most compact sleeper/sofa that features rolled arms, which is perfect for me because I love the classic look, but need enough space in my apartment to fit the industrial steam cleaner I rent every month to quiet mother’s voice in my head.

Natuzzi is a great value for the level of comfort and quality you receive.  This really helps because disinfectant budgets can really get out of control.  Am I right or what?  Plus, it’s so comfortable that when you’re home sick all week, or just not willing to leave your apartment because of the filth outside, you’ll have a fantastic place to cozy up to.

Parma Queen Leather Sleeper by Natuzzi

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