Item of the Week – The Aria Queen Leather Sleeper – Making a Difference

I have a several issues with the modern world.  It’s not a perfect place.  For one, why are there not more coat hooks?  They should really be everywhere.
You know what else we need more of?  Pillows.  Because why not? When have you ever seen a quality pillow and been like “let’s lose this thing right away!”  And I’m not talking about those small pillows with embroidery and a slight scent of bark chips. I have no qualm with those, but they are definitely less essential than the straight-forward pillow.
This week’s Item of the Week, the Aria Queen Sleeper by Palliser, has it all figured out. It takes a cushion—something that’s already great—and puts a pillow on top of it.  The pillow-top: is there anything greater in this world?  Yes, they are already built in.  Waiting for you!  The result is an extraordinarily comfortable seat.
So, install a coat hook, buy one of these sofa beds for your family and friends, and consider yourself a better person.  It comes in a wide variety of leathers and can match any room, so you really have no excuse.
“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
-Gandhi (?)

Aria Queen Leather Sleeper by Palliser

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