Leather Sleepers by Palliser Now Available

Produced in Winnipeg, Palliser offers a terrific selection of top-grain leather sleeper sofas. We’ve highlighted our 27 favorite Palliser Sleepers across our site, including several sectionals which offer reclining on one side and a bed on the other–our Reclining True Sectional Sleepers by Palliser are the ultimate combination of comfort and convenience.

All Palliser Sleepers are offered in a wide range of 100% top-grain leather hides; so the comfort provided is matched by the quality. Take any Palliser to our Leather Design Center to truly make the piece yours. For more on the Palliser brand, check out our Brand Overview page.

If you have any questions or concerns, or are interested in a Palliser product you don’t see on our site, please reach out at (888) 770-SOFA (7632) or Contact Us.


 Melrose Reclining True Sectional Leather Sleeper Sofa by Palliser

Melrose Large Reclining True Sectional Sleeper Sofa with Console by Palliser

 Melrose Reclining True Sectional Leather Open Sleeper Sofa by Palliser




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