Item of the Week – The B580 True Sectional Leather Sleeper – A National Treasure

I love America with all my being.  I only allow American cars on my driveway.  I only listen to American music.  I only watch American movies that take place in the 50 States!  Sorry, Apollo 13, too much of you happened outside the ozone.

I do, however, purchase Natuzzi sofas.  This Italian company is simply too good at making leather furniture–with their 100% top-grains, unmatched comfort, and cutting edge styles.  Natuzzi is the top supplier of Leather Furniture to the United States.  So really, buying Savvy’s Product of the Week, the B580 True Sectional Leather Sleeper, is perhaps my duty as an American.  Give the people what they want!

Joe Smith

B580 True Sectional Queen Sleeper by Natuzzi

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