About Leather. Again.

We’re obviously big fans of leather here at Savvy Leather Sofas.  With a sophisticated, ageless appeal, leather is also incredibly durable and easy to maintain.  The durability of leather far exceeds the durability of fabric.

To start, let’s compare leather to one of the most durable fabric upholstery options: microfiber. Microfibers are comprised of 100% polyester–one of the strongest threads available.  Microfibers are also developed via a tight compression, which prevents dirt from getting embedded into the fabric.  In comparison, dirt is more able to work its way into a loose weave.

Fabric will also deteriorate over time, both from daily use and from fading through ultraviolet exposure.  Leather will actually become more beautiful with age.  The natural creases that will develop offer a warm and distinguished look, similar to a beloved jacket or pair of gloves.

Leather, an organic substance, is not woven at all; so dirt cannot penetrate the surface and stains are far less frequent. Abrasives can only rest above the surface, and thus can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Though it wears very well, leather may still be subjected to the occasional household disaster, resulting in a tear or burn. Another great feature setting leather apart is that it can be entirely restored.  With fabric upholstery, a tear could spell the end of the of that furniture.  Even minor tears in less visible areas will leave a visible seam or a patch on the fabric.  Leather can be fully restored by fusing the live material, so the original damage will be entirely undetectable.

Leather is often offered at a premium price point—however when compared to fabric, the investment does pay off.  Leather is easy to maintain, ages with beauty, and can handle the occasional household mishap.  With our vast selection of top-grain leathers, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your home in our Leather Design Center!

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