Item of the Week – The Jared Leather Sofa by Lazar – Perhaps Too Dignified

We feel it is our duty to warn you that purchasing the current Item of the Week, The Jared Leather Sofa by Lazar, will significantly increase the likelihood that you’ll be mistaken for royalty.  The high quality construction and design simply cause people to make that assumption.

Expect to receive several invitations to formal balls, galas, and maybe some secret societies.  You may feel obligated at times, but if you prefer to stay home and spend time with your new sofa, we do understand.  Do not worry; your absence will only add to the mystique.  Although the whirlwind of flattering rumors that will spread cannot be controlled, you are able to fully customize your Jared Sofa in our Leather Design Center.  If you feel prepared for all this positive attention and praise, feel free to order one today.

The Jared Leather Sofa by Lazar

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