Savvy Homepage Gets a Makeover!

Hi Savvy Readers,
This past weekend we launched a homepage revamp that we’re clearly excited about, since it was us who launched it (editor’s note: we get excited fairly easily).

The Details:

We now highlight five current specials on our site, as follows:

Custom Leather Sofas
Quick-Ship Gallery
Leather Furniture Blowout Sales
Small Scale Leather Furniture
Buy More Save More Discount Program

Unfortunately, our previous sliding homepage had no more room–so quite simply we were forced to reinvent ourselves!  The sliding banners navigate all by themselves, or you can select one of the five options noted above using the left-side menu.

Best Selling Leather Furniture On Sale
On right side of our homepage, towards the bottom, is our new Sale + Best Selling trending product slider.  The first filter here is “On Sale”; only products at a terrific value will be shown.  The order of products shown will be based on what other customers are purchasing.  So, for example, the first three products (those shown by default) are currently our top selling Sale items.

Our Favorite Addition!
We just launched a new Item of the Week campaign, showcasing one particular product each week that is on sale and awesome.  Even better, you can take an additional $100 off the price by sharing the product through any of your social networks.  That’s right–a couple clicks to make a $100!  You won’t have to wait for an email to arrive, nor will you have to copy and paste any odd discount code–just share the product and the price will be automatically reduced for you in our shopping cart.

Happy Browsing!

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