Taking Care of Your New Leather Furniture

Leather is the most durable upholstery available in the furniture industry.  While fabrics get dirty, stained, and eventually wear out; leather is easy to keep clean, stain-resistant, and can become more rich with texture and beauty as the years pass.  There are a few key steps you can take to ensure that your new leather furniture looks even better 10 years down the road.

  • Wipe down your leather regularly with a damp cloth, or vacuum on occasion.  Leather specialty cleaners are available from our site and others; but make sure never to use any products that are alcohol based or contain detergents.
  • If possible, keep your leather sofa out of direct sunlight.  Many leathers will fade over time if exposed to extreme levels of UV rays.
  • Apply a leather conditioner once every 6-12 months.  This simple step will keep the hide soft, durable and looking great for years.
  • Learn about your leather.  Certain hides react differently to various treatments and cleaners.  Be sure to ask your retailer whether the leather you are considering requires any ‘special treatment.’

Taking proper care of your leather furniture is definitely a wise investment–we hope these tips help!


Caring for fine leather hide upholstery


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