Learning About Leather: 5 More Leather Terms Defined

Here are the definitions to some common terms used in the leather furniture industry:


“Leather Grain”–A leather’s grain is defined by the natural pattern of wrinkles, pores and basic texture of the hide.

“Leather Splits”–A leather split is defined as an underlayer of the natural hide.  Still 100% leather, splits are generally used as the base for a corrected finish leather, or for the back and sides of a sofa.

“Corrected Leather”–Leather that has an artificial finish on it.  Often a corrected finish hide, which has grain embossed on it after natural range marks have been buffed out.

“Leather Hand”–An industry term used to describe the feel of the hide.  Exceptionally soft leathers will often be described as having a ‘supple hand’.

“Pigmenting”–The coatings and colorings to a leather which hide imperfections–and also add to the durability of a leather with an additional layer of protection.

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