Learning About Leather: What is a top-grain aniline dyed hide?

While shopping for leather, you will likely come across some variation of the term “top grain aniline dyed hide.”  Simply, this means that the leather in question is of the very highest quality; though in fact, this phrase is comprised of two distinct terms and definitions. 


Top Grain Leather is defined as the uppermost layer of a hide.  These layers are the highest quality leather, and are most appropriate for fine leather furniture.  Under layers require embossing and extra finish, which take away from some of the natural beauty and supple texture of top grain hides.


Aniline dying is the highest quality method of coloring a leather.  Aniline is a transparent dye that permeates the entire hide with the color of choice.  Other opaque dyes tend to cover only the surface of the leather, and can wear off over time.  Aniline dye will not.


Together, top grain aniline dyed hides are the best quality leathers available.  They are generally the softest, most durable, and natural looking hides that last the longest. 


If you select a product from Savvy Leather Sofas, you will not sit on anything but top grain aniline hides.  Many of our products are made from 100% top grain aniline hides, while some others have “leather splits” on the back and outer sides of the sofa (which include some leather under layers).  On all our product pages, this distinction (between top-grain hide everywhere and those with splits on the back) is shown by our Product Features Banners as shown below. 


 The Highest Quality 100% Top-Grain Leather Hides  Top Grain Aniline Dyed Leather where you site

 100% Top Grain Aniline Dyed Hide

Top Grain Aniline Dyed Hide Where Your Body Touches



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