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For Small Spaces

Many people with apartments and tight spaces have trouble finding the right furniture to fit their home, but outfitting smaller spaces is a specialty of ours at Savvy Home.  The furniture below has all been dubbed 'apartment style furniture'.  These pieces are characterized by compact footprints and often straight, narrow arms--but are still offered with all the custom options of the rest of our line.


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Savvy Home, we specialize in compact furniture made for small spaces.  Did you think that your space would only fit that put-it-together-yourself-stuff? It is our pleasure to announce that you were mistaken.


Our Small Space Furniture is perfect for those of us who don’t have the space for a 19-piece sectional.  In fact, our “small space” products are available in every size.  Don’t worry, this makes total sense.  Maybe you can fit a sectional!  But only if the arms are slim and we use a one-arm loveseat instead of a one-arm sofa.  Or you can fit a queen sleeper….if the arms are about 3 inches wide.  In either case, and countless more, we have it.  We don’t skimp on style, and the only thing humble about our compact furniture is the price.. With almost 600 compact styles, you will be amazed at what will fit into your space.  Don’t forget, our most items come with a Lifetime Warranty, which means your Small Space Furniture can travel with you to your still-petite -but-bigger-than-the-last-place space!


Be sure to check out the furniture finder on the left to hone in on a selection tailored just for you. We carry everything from chairs to sectional sleepers, from over 10 different brands, with countless style options and of course, our Design Center that allows you to customize your piece however you want.  At Savvy Home, you can think small and still get BIG style.

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