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      Chaise Sofa Bed Sectionals

      Chaise Sofa Bed Sectionals, generally available with a full or queen size mattress, provide a great balance of expanse seating for a compact space. Our Chaise Sofa Beds are available in fabric or leather, come in over 50 different styles, and can be further customized by mattress choice, wood finish, and more. Check out the selection below to adorn your room with one of the most convenient and stylish furniture items available today.

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      We already know that chaise lounges are great for taking naps. Chaise sectionals? Great for hogging up the corner. Chaise Sectional Sleeper Sofas? Besides a mouthful, they are like seeing a mythical creature appear just over the horizon! All jokes aside, have you seen these things? You’ve got the versatility of a sectional sofa, with the addition of the prized chaise, and to top it all off, there’s a bed inside.


      Clearly, you like to entertain, and are open to having people come by – it’s inevitable that sometimes, people will need to stay the night (because you’re responsible). Or perhaps your mother is coming to visit, and you don’t want to give up your own sacred space – here’s where we come in. A Chaise Sectional Sofa Bed not only says “I’m sophisticated”--it also declares “I’m prepared” or, “Welcome!”  Whichever sounds best.


      Of course, we have a range of styles of Chaise Sectional Sofa Beds to choose from: big and small; full size to queen and king size mattresses; tight-back and pillow-back; traditional to contemporary. With over 50 style options, and the ability to create-your-own in our Design Center…  Well, you do the math--that’s a lot of possibilities.

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